Where bitter meets sweet | Sweet Talk Exhibition

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by Naomi Carniol

On Valentine’s Day, the city is divided, with couples filling restaurants and singles filling video stores pretending not to notice the couples in restaurants. But this year, there’s one place where couples and singles can come together.

Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, an artist-run gallery on Queen St. W., is hosting a group show, “Sweet Talk,” inspired by the pastel heart-shaped candies that appear in stores around Feb.14. Taken together, the 31 works in the show suggest that love may be joyful but isn’t always candy-coated sweetness.

For couples, the show is an ideal date spot. Ana Silva’s sculpture Sweet Talk – inspired by a heart-shaped candy with the words “KISS KISS” – depicts a couple embracing. Their faces melt into each other in a moment of unity.

Esther Simmonds-Macadam’s painting My Man 1 – inspired by a heart-shaped candy with the words “YOUR GUY” – shows a scene of domestic bliss where a sleeping man quietly rests his hand on his lover’s.

But the show also honours love gone sour. Take Teri Donovan’s triptych Love Story. The first canvas features a pink heart and the words “You are so cute.” The second shows a red heart and the words “I can’t live without you.” The third features a purple heart and the words “Get out of my life.”

Valentine’s Day cards depict the champagne and butterfly version of love. “Sweet Talk” acknowledges the ups and downs of love, making it a perfect destination for both the broken hearted and those madly in love.

Sweet Talk at Propeller gallery (984 Queen St. W.) continues until Feb.15.

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