Tracy Thomson
Wild Is The Wind


oil and graphite on canvas,
48 x 48 inches


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I had just moved to Lakeshore West in Toronto. We have a long walking path, at the water’s edge. I decided to take the dog out for a spring walk. Further up the path is my studio. A cold wind whipped the lake into a frenzy, like a wonderfully wild and treacherous, though citified, Georgian Bay. The winter snow had melted away, leaving behind a shocking load of garbage suddenly visible on the shore! A tangle of pink fabric here, a red sweater there, Yellow flip flops, coloured straws,…all drifting in and out with the tide. Then, Finally resting amongst the natural tones of driftwood, sand and rock. I was aghast at the environmental implications but then…something beautiful happened. A plastic bag suddenly lifted into the wind, floating ever so gracefully, I was mesmerized. The next day, I created, Wild Is The Wind. Inspiring me to this day.

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