Ruth Maude
Burnt Offering

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Encaustic and ink on constructed cardboard, 22 x 19 inches, Framed


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Artist Statement

Cardboard is an ideal substrate for encaustic artwork, it is light-weight, absorbent, and rigid. It can be cut and glued together to create substrates of any size. It is also free when rescued from recycling bins. I reassembled the cardboard to create textured surfaces that aren’t as fragile as the earlier accretion works.

The design of honeycomb cardboard draws inspiration from the hexagonal honeycomb structure found in beehives in nature. The hexagonal shape is an efficient and stable geometric pattern, providing strength and rigidity with minimal material while keeping it relatively lightweight.

I deliberately chose to highlight the tactile qualities of the surface by limiting the use of colour, the viewer’s focus is directed to the physicality of the paint.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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