Pria Muzumdar
Encore Soleil Sai

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Mixed media on canvas,
38 x 31 inches


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The work is on unstretched canvas and is larger in size than is normal for me. Unstretched canvas is a superbly conventional substrate, however it not one that I have experimented with yet. I initially intended to work strictly in black and white, however trying to do this on a very grey winter day had the artist in me chanting “Encore soleil, paati! Encore soleil!” a chant my littlest grandchild Sai sends up whenever she wants me to draw multicoloured suns for her. So my little darling, “Encore Soleil!” it is! This kind of work is still in experimentation for me and very much in process. Merci Sai!

***paati is a southern Indian term for grandmother

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