SOS — Save Our Space

Dear Propeller Community,

You may have heard that Artscape, our landlord, went into receivership. We now have the incredible chance to buy our condo unit. We need to raise $150,000 in short order to make it happen. This amount, combined with the funding we have secured from various levels of government, will enable us to place an offer on our gallery space. Achieving this goal will ensure Propeller’s future.

Propeller started in 1996, founded by a few OCAD grads. They struggled to find exhibition space in Toronto, so they joined together to create this artist-run gallery. Nearly 30 years later, we’re still here, giving artists a place to grow and shine. With skyrocketing rents, access to exhibition space grows ever scarcer in Toronto. Propeller continues to play an important role in providing gallery space for both emerging and established artists to exhibit.

We ask for your help to Save Our Space!

$57,029 of $150,000 raised

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SOS Campaign FAQs

Do you provide income tax receipts?

Please be aware that we do not have charitable status, so we cannot provide income tax receipts.

Can I make a donation by cheque or eTransfer?

Yes! Complete the donation form and when you get to the end choose “Donate with e-Transfer or Cheque”

When will you be able to make a bid on your space?

The receiver has not finalized a bid deadline as of yet. We were told however, to be ready by the end of July at the earliest, but they have indicated it could be later.

How much funding would you receive from government sources?

Due to the competitive nature of the bidding process, Propeller is keeping this private to our board. We will only receive the government assistance if we are successful with our bid, in which case, it will be publicly disclosed by Heritage Canada, and The City of Toronto. We will also be acknowledging this assistance at that time.

If you are not successful with your bid, what happens to donations that are held by Propeller?

We have a board policy specifically addressing these SOS funds which restricts the use for: purchase of our space, expenses related to purchase, bidding expenses—successful or not, future rent increases from a new landlord, moving and renovation expenses should we have to relocate.

Can I have my donation returned if the bid is not successful?

For those who donate $1000 or more, Yes. They can check the box: “For donations of $1,000 or more – Yes, return my donation if the bid is unsuccessful”

What if you fall short of your donation target? Will you still have a chance to win the bid?

In receivership sales, properties are sold “as is” and encumbrances such as usage of space, bylaws, etc… may or may not carry forward. All of this may affect buyer interest, and how competitive the bids may be. So, there is always a chance.

Learn more about the SOS Campaign

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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