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Propeller’s Annual Curated Exhibition 1997-2019

Propeller’s annual curated exhibition has been a key part of the gallery’s programming since 1997. The program has involved notable guest curators from a range of cultural and professional fields, including important Canadian artists, gallerists, writers and critics. 

The first annual curated exhibition was held in 1997 in order to celebrate the gallery’s inaugural year. The gallery invited Rae Johnson, to guest curate an exhibition for its members, in order to provide emerging artist opportunities to have their work exposed to outside curators, an opportunity, not widely available at the time.  From that point on Propeller has continued reaching across disciplinary divisions in order to reenvision the gallery space has garnered the success of the event has secured continued interest and notice.

Because of COVID-19, the Annual Curated show in 2020 was cancelled. Rest assured, Propeller will be continuing this annual tradition in the years ahead.

Zoomer Show: The Last Taboo

Zoomer Show: The Last Taboo

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