Propeller Membership Survey 2022

Membership Survey 2022
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Dear Propeller members,

We are looking forward to your participation in our 2022 membership survey. As the arts community continues to evolve, this survey will help to inform our decisions, allowing us to offer the best value to the membership.  We hope that all members will spend the time (approx 15 mins depending on comment length) to complete it.

Filling out the form:

There are 12 sections. The section that you are filling in will be highlighted in blue in the progress bar at the top. In order to move to the next section, you must complete the previous sections. Click on Next at the page bottom to move to the next section. The information will be collected anonymously, so we will not be asking for name or email. IP addresses do get recorded but it will not identify an individual on its own and we have no use for this information. Please Note: There is no way to pause and save your survey progress so that you can go back to it later if you leave this page, so please complete in one session.

The COMMENT fields will give you an opportunity to be more specific and while these are not mandatory, they will provide us with better informed survey results. A summary of all results will be shared with the membership in the future.

Fields marked with an *asterisk are mandatory. If you skip or miss a question, these will highlight in red and you can then go back to fill them in.

1. Propeller Benefits:

Propeller provides a number of benefits to its members. The value of these may differ for each member. As such, we would like to know what your priorities are. How important are these Propeller benefits to you?

A. Increased artwork sales
B. Promotion of you as an artist
C. Socializing with like-minded member-artists
D. Education through organizing shows, mounting exhibitions (learning the ropes)
E. Collaborating with other members
F. Volunteering in a members-run arts organization
G. Jurying, curating, or theme development for group exhibitions
H. Steppingstone to commercial art galleries

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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