I have been a dedicated painter for many years and as well have a strong ceramics practice.

I have worked in many media over the years, in recent years I have  created mixed media abstract oil paintings where I used burning, scraping oil paint, wax and collage. I incorporated collage during the process of cutting, layering, and scraping and revealing.  Some of these paintings I worked on for months, even years, experimenting, changing, sensitive to their transformations.

Recently I moved from this lengthy process. Working more spontaneously, but still with a strong sense of composition and colour and feel, working with oil paint on canvas or wood. I work abstractly without preconceived ideas. I use colour, gestural marks and abstracted, sometimes organic forms, exploring and expressing the inner landscape that emerges, reworking the material and imagery. I scrape away paint, overpainting and revising until I feel the painting is complete. My painting is an ongoing process of exploration and expression.

— Susan Freypons

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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