My non-figurative, symbolic, language is informed by music and harks back to Modernism and Abstract Expressionism. It is a fitting tool with which to evoke the inner nature of things. My work uses form and colour to depict spiritual and psychological realities, personal and universal. I work exclusively with heavy body acrylics and pallet knives. Each painting is the product of a lengthy process involving multiple layers that add texture and depth which ultimately, like a reverse archeological dig, invest the image with new understanding and closure.
“In its preliminary stage, the ‘answer’ to a question emerges as a thumbnail drawing, which when transferred to the canvas becomes the blueprint for the work to be built upon. The work proceeds in a succession of variations.  I like to compare the process to stages in a person’s life from infancy to maturity; a lengthy procedure demanding patience and trust. The end result, which can never be foreseen, appearing as a miraculous sum total of the whole journey. “

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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