The basic concept of Forrest’s artwork invariably remains with her impressions of nature. What at first appeared to be intangible and often very complex vistas, eventually led her to the careful examination into the patterns that are found in these natural worlds. Worlds that are visible and invisible at the same time. They are images of connecting past and present reworked within a labyrinth of textures. The work is an expression of the beauty and complexity of the designs found in the diverse habitats; the play of light at different times of the day and season and the traces of the ecological history of each location. Transformation of the original source and the distillation of design offer her endless possibilities. Shape and structure are important components in the layering process with the ephemeral play of light and shadow bringing unusual aspects to each piece. It is a mixing of different elements: traditional materials and processes and an integration of computer technologies that include mixed media illustrations and paintings, paper relief and 3D sculptures, and hand-cut and laser die cut designs using a variety of surfaces.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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