My early aesthetic years were spent in India immersed in fine forms of art that were lived with, worn, and used. I experienced art as accessible and important to people from all walks of life. The culture of the art gallery was relatively new to me when I first settled in Canada. As I evolved as an artist and designer, I travelled the world, lived in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Mexico and continued to examine creativity and appreciation in various cultural contexts. Today, I find myself working at an exciting intersection of diverse understandings, value systems, and ways of sharing artwork.

To create my abstracts I experiment with inks, dyes, and naturally sourced substances such as sea alginate pastes and wax mixtures. The marks I make on fine, carefully crafted surfaces (e.g. Japanese Washi, Indian rag-paper, old woven fabrics) encourage an experimental process that seeks and finds subtle patinas for my “memory swatches”. These swatches are visual recollections that navigate between layers of inspiration, memory, culture, heritage, antique textiles, maps, and architectural detail. I also love creating whimsical animal imagery and jewelry inspired by joyous folk traditions.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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