My art practice is my search for truth and authenticity. That along with being in nature, is what guides me and grounds me. Inspired mostly by landscape scenes, I like to accentuate the shapes and patterns, then simplify the scene by taking out any extra noise or distraction. Out of chaos I find a consistent calm and serenity. My style is free flowing and gestural, capturing the essence of a place and time. Colours are often not representational, rather intuitive and emotion based. Oil is my preferred medium. I love the richness of colour and the consistency, texture of the oil paint and mixing mediums. I also love the slow drying process that gives me time to reflect on the pieces as I create them. I will work on several pieces at once in a series. I take time (several days) to reflect on each piece to intuitively decide what questions still need answered and apply any changes needed.

Natasha Lehman

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