Over the years, inspiration for my painting has come from spending time in dramatic landscapes and visually rich environments. The use of gestural mark-making and the influence of music are prominent in my past work and weave in and out of my interpretative, contemporary landscapes.

Nine years ago I attended a concert at Koerner Hall, which included a twenty-minute composition entitled “Dream-e-scape” by Canadian contemporary composer R. Murray Schafer. Previously I had studied and interpreted Schafer’s music and felt this composition could again provide inspiration.

The paperwork and paintings in my upcoming exhibition Sound Seed in the north and south galleries at Propeller (2021) continues the exploration into the realm of dreams, inspired by the music. The booklet Sound Seed – Born from Music, accompanies the exhibition (www.nancynewton.com). It documents my historical interest in music informing mark-making followed by my process of responding to the music of Dream-e-scape.

Nancy Newton

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