Blending photography and painting, I create digital collages. I photograph paint splashes and brush strokes when they are fresh and I piece it together like a puzzle on a computer.Photography allows me to capture paint in a fresh or liquid state that would otherwise not remain. It also allows me to work with improbable materials, such as food coloring, cooking cream, spit or soap. I may use droppers, syringes or straws to apply the liquid. Lighting gives the paint spill depth and sheen, which gives it a presence. It becomes more real than real paint. The fragments are layered, masked and blended to reveal or erase, a process very similar to collage.
I go through this process to keep up with the digital era we evolve in and I hope to touch on a narrative of simulation, fragmentation, identity scrambling, narcissism and distraction.

Marc Bourgeois

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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