In my artistic practice, I try to bring together the dreams and subconscious, and explore the depths of human connection to the natural world. I aim to evoke a sense of wonder for the fragile ecosystems that shape our planet, and to convey the urgent need for ecological preservation. The various representations of minimalist architecture, the spheres, dreamy coastal cityscapes, the birds and sea creatures, depict freedom, migration, and the inherent connection between land, sea and sky. They serve as visual metaphors for the journeys we undertake in search of home. Using the mediums of acrylic and oil on canvas, pencils and oil pastels, I aim to evoke emotions tied to immigration and displacement, as well, and to invite viewers to explore their connections to the environment in a vast and ever-changing world.

Jelena Duma

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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