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As an immigrant, the relationship between my identity and my new surroundings became one of the most important subject matters in my art. Since I moved to Canada, my Korean identity has become more visible in a foreign country. With my art, I aim to express my complex identity as an immigrant, a minority, and an Asian female in an interracial marriage.

My paintings are inspired by my dreams and memories. Using my subconscious, I try to navigate the relationship between my Korean identity and Canadian surroundings. Even though dreams are illogical and nonsensical, they help me catch a glimpse of my feelings about the experiences in my new surroundings.

I believe in the beauty of imperfection. When I find an ugly and awkward moment between colours and shapes in my art, I feel relieved and natural. The shape of lives is not always perfect. It is stained, marked, crushed and scattered. So is art, I believe. I enjoy my process of looking for the best harmony among the absurdities.

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