The inspiration behind the artwork I produce comes from my background in genetics. During my study at the university I was always blown away by colours, shapes and lines that I was witnessing emerge in the labs. This is where the story of my art life began. 

I decided to bring all my experiences into art by drawing lines between the aesthetic part of what was happening in the human genomes and cells. These pieces of art provoked excitement and sceneries that were visually unique to appreciate. I decided to use these movements, motifs and colours as my promoter to bring my ideas to canvas. 

To achieve my visions, I decided to add some realistic elements to my paintings so I used uncommon materials to give my artworks more dimensions, making them bold. I applied that idea and it became my style and signature ever since. 

When I started to paint professionally, I felt it would be great to show human silhouette, figure and portrait in my artworks to add more pensive value to them. So, I took lessons with masters in that field and I started to bring those figurative sketches forward as well  into my latest works.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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