When I work, I work a piece in layers. I feel the thing that makes my art unique is the process – it’s very back-and-forth, add-and-subtract. I put things down on paper and then take them back, and put them down again. This movement creates a unique impression on the page that I can never predict. I create structure first, then introduce chaos into my work, often using asymmetry, disruption, and dissonance. Now it is my goal to try to recapture the freedom of making art, that uninhibited, childlike joy of mark making. 

I like to experiment with media, which may explain the diversity of my work. For example, my abstract embroidery pieces use threads and patches to mimic drawings and collages. The way I work is often without preconceived vision – I have no plan and I have no intention. I’m allowing whatever is happening on the page to happen. And sometimes it’s a disaster, and then the next moment it’s finished.

– Anne McAlear

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