​Become part of one of Toronto’s most dynamic artist collectives!

Propeller’s 2023 Emerging Artist program provides a one-year membership in the collective for 5 artists who qualify for financial assistance with membership fees. This sponsorship initiative creates specific opportunities for artists who are currently underrepresented within the collective. While diversity is not a mandatory prerequisite for the program, it is our intention that a majority of the sponsored members starting in 2023 reflect the diversity of our Toronto arts communities.

Membership fees are covered 100% so there is no monthly fee for sponsored members. In addition, we will provide free entry into two non-juried group shows during your year. 

Propeller Art Gallery accepts artists for membership in all stages of their career. We have a well-rounded co-operative composed of artists working in a wide range of media and techniques. Sponsored Membership offers the possibility of exhibiting your work in group shows, interacting with other artists and participating in all aspects of the operation of the gallery and collective.

All Emerging Artist Members must be 18 yrs of age or older.

We aim to have all applications received by mid March 2023, with memberships starting in April 2023.

​As an Emerging Artist Propeller Member you will:

  • Be able to network with other artist
  • Have the opportunity to participate in Member Group Shows and special events
  • Having access to a Propeller Guide (experienced member). The Guide will be your contact as a new member.
  • Access resources from Propeller Members such as: guidance in preparing for an exhibition, exhibition funding and sourcing other opportunities for a show. Network with other artists to organize open calls or group shows
  • Learn the operations of the Gallery, and contribute to its success
  • Gain curatorial experience and skills in mounting an exhibition
  • Enjoy a positive social environment with people who share your passion for art. We are a community; many of our Members share lasting friendships.


  • Your work in the Artist Directory on the Propeller Website – for online sales and review by collectors, curators and the public
  • 20% commission on artwork sold at the gallery for members versus 30% for non-members
  • Two free open call group exhibition submissions
  • Upon joining Propeller, announcement and promotion of you as a new member through our web site, social media, and newsletter

Propeller’s Expectations:

Becoming a sponsored Emerging Artist member involves making a commitment to participate consistently. It is member contributions in ideas, time, and expertise that make the Propeller Art Gallery collective function and stay vital. All artists benefit from an actively engaged membership. Participation provides the most efficient means to learn and grow as a Propeller member and artist.

All members including our Emerging Artist Members are required to contribute a minimum of 4 hrs per month on average. At times, there is a need for members to contribute more than the required 4 hrs: for example, when participating in organizing a group exhibition, contributing to special initiatives or getting involved with Propeller’s annual fundraising event. There is always something to do!

There are volunteer opportunities in activities such as:

  • Working on one of several Committees ( marketing & communications, membership, partnerships, programming & scheduling, finance, fundraising)
  • Web site and Virtual exhibition assistance: video and text editing, image formatting, layout and uploading
  • Organizing, coordinating and participating in group shows (in addition to your own show)
  • Join in the hanging of a show or helping with intake
  • Contributing an element of your own expertise to the operation of the gallery such as financial management, social media or IT skills for example
  • Monitoring the gallery when needed 
  • Contributing to the maintenance and upkeep of the gallery

Emerging Artist Membership Application Review Process:

  • Membership applications are reviewed by a committee and Board of Directors with approval decisions starting late March 2023
  • In addition to the written application, candidates will be asked to attend an interview with members from the Membership and Selection Committee.

Please include the following 4 items in your application:

1. Letter of Intent (copy/paste) including:

  •  Your agreement to join for one year
  • A statement about why you wish to apply for the sponsorship program rather than a regular paid membership
  • A statement outlining how you expect or hope to benefit from becoming a sponsored member and/or how membership at Propeller might further your artistic career
  • A description of the specific tasks that you are willing and available to commit your time, skills and experience to benefit the Propeller Art Gallery collective

2. Artist Statement about your submitted work (copy/paste)

3. Resume/CV/Bio in DocX (Microsoft Office Word) including:

  • Art-related activities such as art training, courses and/or workshops, group and solo exhibitions, participation in art fairs, volunteering with arts or other cultural organizations and teaching
  • Other abilities, expertise and experience that are related to or could be beneficial to the running of a gallery and the governance of a non-profit arts organization (such as the volunteer activities detailed above)

4. Ten (10) high quality images of your work

  • All submitted images should represent a recent and cohesive body of work as if you were going to hang all of the pieces together in an exhibition – not a retrospective of what you have done over the years
  • Image resolution of 1000 pixels minimum
  • Include Title, Medium, Year, H x W in inches, and Price.

Application review considerations:
  • The quality of the work and the level of professionalism
  • Diversity of background
  • A demonstrated commitment to the visual arts
  • An expressed financial need for sponsorship
  • Willingness to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours a month
  • Skills relevant to Propeller’s needs

Please email us if you have any difficulties or questions about the application form. 

Items marked with * are required fields.

New Emerging Artists Member Application Form (2023)
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Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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