Ian Amell | In Memoriam


Ian Amell graduated with a BFA [Hon.] from the University of Manitoba. He has designed products sold throughout North America and has exhibited his art in Canada and internationally. His artwork is represented in private collections in Canada, the U.S.A. and France.

Ian Amell became a Propeller Member in 2006.

My friend Ian Amell. That’s EYE-an, not EE-an. I once overheard Ian explain to someone why he thought Ian should be pronounced EYE-an instead of EE-an. I wasn’t really following the thread, but it was something Ian felt strongly about.

Ian was gifted with a Sahara-dry wit and an even wryer sense of humour. It was a valued acknowledgement from Ian to earn one of his wry smirks.

 DNA Dodds

View Ian Amell’s Propeller Exhibitions

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