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Propeller offers rentals of the gallery space to artists (individual or groups), charities, and arts and culture related organizations for both exhibition and other events.

Exhibition Rentals

  • Propeller’s gallery space is approximately 1,100 sq. ft. Floor Plan
  • There are two spaces within the gallery: the South Gallery and the North Gallery.
  • We offer rentals of both the South and North Gallery either separately or together.  Please note that as an artist-run centre, all gallery rentals are subject to our selection process. For more information about the gallery’s submission guidelines or to submit a proposal please visit our Exhibition Proposal page
  • All gallery spaces are rented in two-week or three-week blocks. Requests for alternate show lengths will be considered.

Full Member Rates(The monthly membership fees of $140 + HST =$158.20 covers the rental fees for a half gallery)
Half Gallery                   
2 weeks:         12 month membership period
3 weeks:         18 month membership period      

Full Gallery
2 weeks:  Additional: $1680.00 + HST = $1898.40
3 weeks:  Additional:  $2520.00 + HST = $2847.60

Associate Member Rates (The annual associate membership fee of $480 + HST= $542.40 has been deducted from the rental price listed below)
Half Gallery     
2 weeks:                    $1200.00  + HST = $1356.00
3 weeks:                     $2040.00  + HST = $2305.20

Full Gallery             
2 weeks: $2400.00  + HST = $2712.00
3 weeks:                    $4080.00  + HST = $4610.40

Public Rates  (Note: The gallery is  currently booked throughout 2020)   
Half Gallery         
2 weeks        $1920 + HST =  $2169.60          
3 weeks         $2760 + HST = $3118.80              
Full Gallery
2 weeks:        $3600 + HST = $4068.00           
3 weeks:         $5280 + HST = $5966.40       

* Please note all rental fees are subject to HST. Propeller reserves the right to change rental fees without notice.

Special Events
Propeller also offers event rentals for one off events and programming in the evening depending on availability. We welcome creative professionals to hold events at the gallery that compliment our regular exhibitions and encourage public engagement.

Rental Fee: $480 (+ HST) per event/day.

*Please note that all event rentals are subject to approval by the Board before the space can be booked. Special event rentals do not include the use of exhibition wall space.

For more information please contact us

Special thanks to our community partners and ongoing sponsors. 

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