Witness | Beverley Hawksley and Sandy McLennan

October 24 – November 4, 2012
Most of us have placed, observed or pondered evidence of life on a refrigerator. This common appliance hosts the chronicles of the day to day and reflects our changes. We approach its door with hope and longing for nourishment of all kinds – a source of physical and emotional comfort where our empty spaces are promised some attention, if only for a moment. This non-judgmental witness is an everyday altar that may not be recognized as such.

We adorn its exterior with what we value at the time and its interior, we fill with the same. Inside contents, if ignored, draw attention to themselves and we make decisions on keeping or discardng them. Outside contents are not so clearly placed in retain/release categories. These gatherings demonstrate the holdings of our hearts in a way that makes it more difficult for us to part with them. If we can’t see them on the fridge, maybe our memories aren’t going to be reliable? If we toss them out, maybe they didn’t really happen? How do we exist if we don’t have the evidence of our lives before us?

This project gave us an opportunity to contemplate this altar, the situations that prompt change in our lives and the way we mark them. We invite you to do the same.

Beverley Hawksley is a multi media artist who places her intention on stories…the ones we are immediately in touch with and the ones that come through excavation. Primarily a figurative painter, she has also generated three dimensional works and performance pieces. With a focus on creative process, Beverley works with children and adults in groups, schools and private sessions. www.beverleyhawksley.com

Sandy McLennan is a Sheridan College Media Arts graduate. His focus on what we perceive as routine is expressed through photography, writing, soundscapes and film/video. He is an educator and was the recipient of an Ontario Arts Council grant which brought pinhole photography to Muskoka students.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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