The Whole Ball of Wax

The Whole Ball of Wax - 2010

A Celebration of Encaustic

September 1-12, 2010

Featuring a full range of artists, from emerging to established, the practice of encaustic knows no bounds!

Twelve participating talents, exploring the diversity of this expressive medium, as well as on-site active demonstrations of the technique ( Saturdays & Sundays ) promises that all the unanswered questions that surround the encaustic mystique will be addressed… the hope is to enlighten & excite the art-viewing public. With styles ranging from representational to abstract, from purist to mixed media, The Whole Ball of Wax presents a contemporary take on this ancient art form. 

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Pieter Bakker,
  • Daniel Beirne,
  • Andrea Bird,
  • Andrew Csafordi,
  • Lisa-Beth Glassman,
  • Supria Karmakar,
  • Tanya Kirouac,
  • Jane Bowen,
  • Maura Joy Lustig,
  • Georgina Rodrigues,
  • Michelle Salter,
  • Tania Wycherley

With gratitude to The Ontario Arts Council.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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