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Wednesday Demonstration Exhibition

August 2022

The Wednesday Demonstration Exhibition stands to commemorate the spirit and the deep history of the Wednesday Demonstration that works towards the international recognition of the Comfort Women.  

Curated by Seokyung Kim and Unsung Kim of Artcore. Organized by Tai Kim.

Designed by Kim Seo-Kyung and Kim Un-Sung, the Statue of Peace was created originally to commemorate the 1000th “Wednesday Gathering” of women who congregated in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul to protest the sexual enslavement of girls and women by the Japanese military.

​— History of the Comfort Women

— NEWS: South Korean court orders Japan to pay damages to ‘comfort women’
It’s the first civilian legal case in South Korea regarding so-called “comfort women” who were forced into sexual slavery for Japanese troops during World War II. The unprecedented ruling is likely to spark ire in Japan.

January 8, 2020, marks the 28th year of the Wednesday Demonstration and the 1421st Wednesday Demonstration for the Resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue. 43 organizations from 12 countries including Korea, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, Germany, China, Japan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda announced the International Solidarity Statement.

YouTube videos:

— YouTube video from MOCA Studio【表現の不自由展】→ 台北當代藝術館

—  Wednesday is for Peace (History of Wednesday Demonstration)

— A cry for peace with Halmonis

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