Vestiges | Michael J.B. Black

Michael J.B. Black: Vestiges

February 5-16, 2020

This work continues my explorations probing the significance of past and present cultural expressions through the use of representational or constructed artifacts, using the power of abstraction in order to enable a variety of interpretations of those objects.
I am fascinated by the concept of ‘data exhaust’, and the notion that all of our online activities create trails that are algorithmically tracked and codified, creating profiles which characterize our decision-making and consumer choices. The broader significance of such a process, over time and throughout history, is intriguing. What fragments of our significance have been left in the past, are we leaving out now, and which ones will be discarded and/or reviewed in the future? The examination of these vestiges, be they data footprints or tangible objects, are among the thoughts and questions that interest me at present.

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