Veriditas: Greening of the soul | Fran Freeman & Judy Raymer Ivkoff

August 20 – 30, 2003

“Veriditas”, sometimes spelt “viriditas”, is a term coined by the 11th-century mystic Hildegard and incorporates Latin words for “green” and “truth”.

The term has spiritual and intellectual connotations and is most commonly rendered as “greening of the soul” and “lifeforce”.

Fran Freeman tries to foster in the viewer an internal restoration of respect and awe of nature in her life-giving and death-wielding aspects, a reminder of an earlier way of seeing that held the earth sacred. She is showing ‘three sisters’, suspended wasp nest-like sculptures that use paper handmade from plants (beans, corn, squash) grown in her allotment garden. Recently she was selected by internationally-renowned sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz to participate in a Master Class co-sponsored by the MacLaren Art Centre and Georgian College.

Judy Raymer Ivkoff is expressionistic and individualistic in both her means and methods; she works intuitively. Her subject matter centres on time, energy, rhythm, and regeneration in our natural environment. Her ‘Forest’ series, of hand-hewn wood with metal detail, is arboreal-like. This summer, Judy was selected from an international pool of artists to participate in workshops at Haystack Mountain School in Maine, U.S.A. Also in 2003, work from the ‘Forest’ series was juried into an international travelling exhibition

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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