Unfurled Artist Stories

unfurled artist stories

Unfurled: Artist Stories is an exciting and stimulating online exhibition of work that encourages artists to unfurl their creativity and tell an artist’s tale on a long vertical strip of “fabric”. We have assembled a collection of vibrant banners and other fabricated stories to brighten and invigorate long winter days.

The show includes 29 works by 22 artists — a fabulous mix of banners, deconstructed pieces, sculptural renderings and installations. Each piece is accompanied by a narrative that describes the inspiration for the work.

Exhibition Artists:

  • Doug Adams,
  • Jane Murdoch Adams,
  • Michael Black, 
  • Lucy Erskine,
  • Sharron Corrigan Forrest,
  • Susan Freypons,
  • Peter Friedrichsen,
  • Phyllis Gordon, 
  • Elizabeth Greisman, 
  • Lisa Johnson, 
  • Michelle Letarte, 
  • Ruth Maude, 
  • Pria Muzumdar, 
  • Doris Purchase, ​
  • Dominique Prevost, 
  • Janet Read,
  • Susan Ruptash, 
  • Kristen Stephen, 
  • Natalia Tcherniak, 
  • Tracy Thomson, 
  • Gwen Tooth
  • Jacqueline Treloar

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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