Unearthed Tales

November 7 – 18, 2018

Lisa Johnson, Joseph Muscat, Keijo Tapanainen and Holly Wheatcroft

Lisa Johnson,  Joseph Muscat, Keijo Tapanainen and Holly Wheatcroft are four distinctly different visual artists whose inquisitive approach to their art-making brings them together in this exploratory group show which includes paintings, collages, prints and three-dimensional constructions. 
The artists, who met years ago at Propeller Gallery, will present a multi faceted show loosely based on their individual interpretation of the process of ‘uncovering’ or ‘unearthing’, told through their own individual narratives.

LISA JOHNSON explores memories of place embedded in the psyche; forgotten landscapes transformed through human intervention and interpretation.  Johnson will exhibit drawings, sculpture and paintings using wood, canvas and other materials.  

JOSEPH MUSCAT’s Graphic Chats come to life in the form of collages and assemblages which dig into the recent and distant past to uncover stories based on fact and fiction, history and make believe. They are both visual diary entries and research notations, mimicking the popular graphic novels navigating the past and guessing the future. Muscat’s work also includes some three-dimensional work using found materials which have been shaped by time, climate and living organisms.

KEIJO TAPANAINEN explores his keen interest in capturing the figure through drawing, collage, and photographic manipulation. He utilizes unconventional materials such as carbon paper and found imagery to create works that are playful in nature, embracing the idiomatic and the idiosyncratic. In this recent series, he focuses on the negative space around his models, unearthing gestures through an accumulation of linear marks.

HOLLY WHEATCROFT focuses on the symbolic retelling of the epic poem of Gilgamesh, an ancient Babylonian      story that was inscribed on clay tablets and unearthed in fragments. Through paintings, ceramics and drawings,  the episode of the snake eating Gilgamesh’s hard-won plant of rejuvenation will be retold. 

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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