Translucent Layers Gerry Paul: Recent Paintings and Sculpture

November 1-10, 2013

Artist Statement  

For me, what it’s really about, is the transformation of paint, or metal, or ceramic or any  other material really, into something else…something more than themselves, something  aesthetic perhaps, or maybe emotional, but certainly something much more than a bit of  paint or metal. This is easier to do when the subject is representational, because any subject  that’s represented has meaning and associations. To get that reaction from an image which  is abstract and non-representational is, as I say, a great deal more difficult, but at the same  time a lot more satisfying.

The current collection is oil often with a great deal of medium. Each new layer of paint has  a certain amount of transparency, so that the underlying layers are still visible. I use various  scrapers, squeegies, rags and tracing paper to move the paint (rarely brushes). The gestures  of the painting suggest an instant frozen in time, as though the painting was done in a matter  of seconds with a few strokes. The truth of course is considerably more prosaic. Multiple  layers, experimenting with various methods, and altering compositions, result in a painting  technique which is as time intensive as anything I’ve ever done. 

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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