The Uxbridge Artist Collective

August 19 – 29, 2015

Celebrating 30 years of the Uxbridge Studio Tour

This year, 2015, the Uxbridge Studio Tour celebrates its’ 30th Anniversary. The studios, homes and gardens of Uxbridge area artists open annually to the public during the Uxbridge Studio Tour which takes place on the third weekend of September.
From this group of Studio Tour artists, the Uxbridge Artist Collective was formed in 2008 to add annual exhibition opportunities in order to promote the group. Workshops, lectures, demonstrations and social activities add life to exhibitions allowing the public many opportunities to interact with this professional group of creative individuals.

The exhibition at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts will highlight contemporary works from 18 members of the Uxbridge Artist Collective. Sculptural works by Ceramic Artists, Gretel Boose, Saundra Reiner and Ann Cummings, Glass / Multimedia artist, Francis Muscat, Forged Metal work by Mark Puigmarti and Jean Pierre Schoss, wood & paper works by Fly Freeman, sculpture by Wynn Walters, Mixed Media works by Lynn Bishop, Lynne McIlvride and Tracy Walker, Photographs and Paintings by Carmel Brennan, Paintings in a variety of media by Christl Neimuller, Lynda Cunningham, Yvonne Meissner, Max Kalinowski and Judy
Bear and work by Fibre Artist Judith Tinkl.

Exhibiting Artists:

Neat things popping off the wall for the @UXStudioTour
‘s 30th Anniversary exhibition!
  • Judy Bear
  • Lynn Bishop
  • Gretel Boose
  • Caramel Brennan
  • Ann Cummimgs
  • Lynda Cunningham
  • Fly Freeman
  • Max Kalinowski
  • Lynne Mcllvride
  • Yvonne Meissner
  • Francis Muscat
  • Christl Niemuller
  • Mark Puigmarti
  • Saundra Reiner
  • Jean Pierre Schoss
  • Judith Tinkl
  • Tracy Walker
  • Wynn Walters

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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