The Promise of Sekishu Washi

October 23 – November 3, 2019

From a Call for Submissions, this juried exhibition presents 39 artists who created new works exploring the multiple qualities of Sekishu Washi, a traditional Japanese paper. Sekishu Washi has been produced by hand for over 1400 years on the west coast of Japan in what is now Shimane (formerly Sekishu) Prefecture. This labour intensive tradition, using renewable 100% Japanese kozo bark, has been designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Property.

Award Winners:

Best in Show- Teresa Cullen – Storm at Shore – ink painting

Runner up – Reza Alibiadi – Seven Veils  – light and shadow (cut on layers of paper)

Honourable Mentions:

Jennifer Kennard – Umbilicara Banner– ice resist, embroidery, lichen dye, konnyaku compilation  

Sharron Corrigan  Forrest – Keys of the Rowan – ink wash, cut Sekishu, covered armature wire sculpture 

Susan Ruptash – Resist – ripped and rejoined washi mounted on Moriki kobo

Noriko Yamamoto – Sora (Sky) – sculpture with sumi-dyed washi 

Stephanie Cloutier – What Lies Beneath II –  stitching with embroidery floss

Exhibiting Artists:
Reza (RZLBD) Aliabadi, Laurie Walker Benson, Carlina Chen, Agnès Clairand, Stephanie Cloutier, Sandie Collins, Sharon Corrigan Forrest, Teresa Cullen, Schuyler DeMarinis, Sharon Dembo, Susan Farquhar, Ruth Greenlaw, Paula Huisman, Jennifer Kennard, Deborah Klatt, Michelle Letarte, Joann Maplesden, Linda Marshall, Arlene McCallum, Liz Menard, Giuseppe Morano, Deborah Ann Morris, Eric Mummery, Steven Murray, Pria Muzumdar, Tessa Noreen, Atia Pokorny, Dominique Prevost, Andrew Ross, Susan Ruptash, Danielle Shatz, Gabriella Solti, Svetlana Swinimer, Rennie Taylor, Lucinda Vandenieuwegiessen, Linda VanWyk, Isabella Vella, Noriko Yamamoto, and Anna Yuschuk.

​Curator: Nancy Jacobi 
Jurors: Naoko Matsubara, Cybèle Young, David Kaye
Organizers for Propeller: Michelle Letarte, Sharron Forrest and Dominique Prevost

People’s Choice Awards (2) (in kind certificates for paper at The JPP) by ballot at Propeller Art Gallery and presented to the selected artist and one voter at the Curator’s Talk & Meet the Artists on November 3.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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