The Pillowman: Martin McDonagh

February 13-March 3, 2013

Rarely Pure Theatre is proud to present Martin McDonagh’s heart-stopping drama, “The Pillowman”. The company’s second production is staged in Propeller Gallery’s main space with performances starting February 27th and closing March 3rd. Tickets are EXTREMELY LIMITED; only 40 per show! So make your way to ticketbreak.com, purchase a ticket online and brace yourself.

Katurian the writer stays in and writes stories. That’s it. Brilliant but often grotesque tales, shaped by a twisted childhood experiment conducted by his own parents towards his brother, Michal, heard through the cracks in the wall separating the siblings. Now Katurian has been blindfolded and taken out of his home to face questioning at the hands of two brutal detectives, representatives of an ominous totalitarian state. His stories have put them on the trail of a serial child killer, and several lives hang in the balance as Katurian wrestles with his responsibilities to (and for) his art. Martin McDonagh’s play is a harrowing and blackly funny meditation on the tricky power of words to shape the world.

Message from Artistic Directors: Monique Renaud & Spencer Robson

Rarely Pure Theatre is an artist founded and operated organization that develops and produces innovative and “rarely pure” theatre. We are a creative hub for emerging professional artists who wish to activate, inspire, and enhance conversation between communities. As Artistic Directors of Rarely Pure Theatre, we are pleased to have a group of passionate and emerging artists currently involved in our upcoming project, The Pillowman. 

Directed by:     Ryan Quinn


  • Chris George: Katurian
  •  Davydd Cook: Tupolski
  •  David DiFrancesco: Michal
  • Spencer Robson: Ariel

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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