The Joy of Drawing

October 12 – 23, 2011

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Angela Gooliaf
  • Tony Yin Tak Chu

The Joy of Drawing investigates the beauty of drawing as an explorative life-long pursuit. Angela Gooliaff and Tony Yin Tak Chu have slowed down their practices to study their subjects in depth rather than find alternative computerized tools to rush them through the process. These drawings create an opportunity for the viewer to experience the essence in their subject along with the artist. 


Angela’s current interest is observing and questioning social patterns, themes and trends. More specifically, the human need to connect with one another using communication fads – these days the QR-code is the common link. Biological subjects, multiples and parody enter her work for impact and learning purposes.  

“My themes use biological subjects, and mirror human behaviour; trends and patterns or else question established socially acceptable ideas. My current theme ponders society’s need to find connection, and conformity, the current trend for achieving connection. I am seeking truly unique behaviour, which is no easy feat!” – Angela Gooliaff

Tony rejects traditional drawing mediums, and explores unconventional materials, such as coffees, wines, various inks and organic matter found in nature. This interest in medium has extended into investigating its application onto the readymade object, presented in his current t-shirt work. Cultural identity as a Chinese immigrant is commonly expressed in his work

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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