Tenderness: Frida Kahlo Imagined | Jane Murdoch Adams

November 2-13, 2016

Frida Kahlo is an emblem of courage, artistry, Mexican cultural pride, and political energy.  And irrepressible womanhood. Tragically, she was terribly injured in a traffic accident as a child and was almost paralyzed for many years.  In her fragile condition, she yearned to be and to have, so much.  She longed to be strong, to have a rich and vital life. 

In my paintings, I imagine her as mighty.  She has the physical power to become a jaguar, to turn into her own garden, to fly.  She wears all the fanciful outfits she loved.  She wished for a child.  I imagine her having a child and their shared tenderness.

Jane Murdoch Adams

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