Sweethearthache | Valentine’s Exhibition

Sweethearthache: For many consecutive years Propeller held a Valentine’s Day show. In 2002, I had the honour of creating the postcard image for the show, and Marianne Fowler designed the invite

We had part of the show at a local shop called Come As You Are which suited the sex/love theme of our show. My painting is of a young woman in a nightclub clinging to a cutie-pie stuffed pink elephant. It’s an image about vulnerability, slightly twisted sexuality, and the phase of life when one is searching for answers and possibly a mate or life partner.

The other works in the show were created by members of Propeller and members of the larger artistic community. The selection of artworks on display was made by a jury of members.  The range of work was vast in content and scope.

Naomi Reid

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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