Subtle Fragments, Shared Crinkles | Helen Liene Dreifelds & anahita azrahimi

September 19 – 25, 2016

Textiles are coded material, a living language and archive. Subtle fragments, shared crinkles brings together the work of two artists working with and referencing textiles. A mutual preoccupation with draping and folds is explored through a range of processes: assembling, collage, layering, weaving and drawing. The result is a series of meticulous records that appear to be in various states of beginning, unravelling.

anahita azrahimi is a Toronto based visual artist and arts manager. She divides her time between her art practice and as Executive Director of Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.  She is fascinated by essence and complexities of clothing and folds and their relationship to body and emotions. She cuts out shapes and patterns of folds and draperies found in fashion editorials and create bodily motion and drama in abstract from or imaginary landscapes without directly referencing the body. Since December 2015, she has put herself on a rigorous schedule of making one artwork a day for a year.

Helen Liene Dreifelds is an emerging artist currently pursuing the Artist-in-Residence program at Harbourfront Centre’s Craft & Design Studios. Motivated by the physical and emotional experience of change, she builds textiles in multiples. Through assembling, layering and placement in space, she explores themes of duration, movement and systems with her installation and wall based works. Dreifelds holds a DEC in Textile Construction from the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (2014) and a BA in Applied Human Sciences with a minor in Art History from Concordia University (2009). She has completed workshops at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Deer Isle, Maine and the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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