SPLASH | Mirren Hinchley

SPLASH - MIrren Hinchley

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 27, 1 – 5:30 pm
Artist will be in attendance during the weekends

These three series show how in my painting process I have learned to overcome adversity and embrace risk and vulnerability.  Physically and emotionally, I feel empowered and liberated from self-imposed constraints. This transformation in myself has provoked new techniques and colour palettes.  My paintings have a new look and feel. There was an organic evolution in my style. My colours have become more dynamic, my marks bolder, twisting, curving, spiralling and slashing in all directions across the canvas using credit cards, brushes, palette knives and sponges. I have found a way to express my inner emotions. Creative energy has been released that had been pent up in me. I have let myself go and let it flow out of me onto the canvas. I have discovered my true self. Painting has become the anchor in my ever-evolving life.

Mirren Hinchley is an emerging, abstract painter who after a successful career took up painting in this exciting new chapter of her life. Her painting process is based on experiential learning. She has been able to let herself go and express her creativity every time she starts a new canvas. She wants her paintings to reveal her joy of colour and texture, to entice and inspire the viewer to think and talk about what they have just seen. Her works have been displayed in juried Canadian gallery shows but also galleries in Milan, the UK and Venice.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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