Granite Spit / Spillway | Karen Klee-Atlin

Karen Klee-Atlin’s series of reductive linocuts, Granite Spit / Spillway, focuses on ridges of weathered granite in a Northern Ontario lake. The stone, smoothed and exposed by glaciers and encrusted with lichen and scrub, provides a subject that is well suited to the slow work of carving and the accretion of inky layers. While some prints feature the colors of nature, the rest are abstractions which use disparate color palettes for every pass through the press. The result is a series of unique prints, each one drawing attention to different features of the rocky landscape.

Karen studied at the Ontario College of Art and did graduate work in painting and printmaking. While currently based in Toronto, she has lived in many parts of Canada and the US, as well as Peru, the Philippines and Mexico, teaching art in schools and universities as well as pursuing her own studio work.

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