Sound Space | Nancy Newton

October 12 – 30, 2016

The work presented in this exhibition examines the nature of the visual image and its place within a complex and dynamic perceptual field encompassing the creator and the viewer.  Through the media of drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, the works bring to the fore the diverse techniques and processes of image-making and suggest possible interrelationships between the visual form and other modes of artistic expression and sensory experience. 

Nancy Newton’s drawings and paintings of ‘Sound Space’ visually explore the intriguing musical sequences of R. Murray Schafer’s recent composition entitled ‘Dream-e-scape’.  The music entrains the body and influences the energy of the mark-making, guided by pitch, tempo, volume and dynamics.  Historically Newton’s work has involved a gestural depiction of space within the context of dramatic landscapes associated with the sublime.  Creating a sense of volume and space, informed by the juxtaposition of sounds, has opened up other possibilities in her work.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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