Song to the Siren | Heather Gentleman & Maihyet Burton

August 7-18, 2013

“Song to the Siren” is a multimedia exhibition that explores rejuvenation of waterways impacted by water shortages and aquatic pollution.

Industrialization and urbanization has resulted in an increasing demand for water and has had a profound effect on aquatic ecosystems and their dependent species. Oil spills, toxic and medical wastes and dumping of other harmful materials such as plastics are all major sources of pollution that are directly affecting aquatic organisms The premise of the exhibit is to call upon the Sirens to heal the patient, humankind, so that we may again embrace a delicate balance between human expansion and natural preservation. Through understanding the mistakes of the past we can fuel the desire to preserve the present and protect the future. We need to rethink our concept of ownership of water. We ourselves are made up of water, which carries information, as well as intention throughout the human body. Within us are all the particles that make up the smallest drop and the largest ocean.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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