Refuse to Die | Curated by Olga Korper

October 26 – November 13, 2005 

‘Refuse to Die’ was a juried show consisting of works addressing the topics of sustenance, hope, and healing of the artist’s journey through life. The dialogue revolved around the celebration of life despite hardship and the struggle to survive. 

“Some years ago a client gave me a present, consisting of a small velvet lined box from a pen and made
the words “Refuse To Die” out of alphabet pasta, sprayed black, wedged into the slit in the box.

She presented it to me at a particularly difficult time in my life. It has made me smile, reminded me of
friendships and helped me to find courage and optimism.

I want to consider submissions of works which address the topics of sustenance, hope and healing
on the respective artists’ journey through life. The dialogue requires a subjective voice, but may be in any
medium of the artist’s choice. Scale needs to be considered due to the size of the two gallery spaces
at Propeller. Essentially the dialogue should revolve around a celebration of life, in spite of the darkness
we struggle through to survive.”

Olga Korper

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Stephanie Rogerson
  • Barbara McGill Balfour
  • Rolf Kluenter
  • Suzan Szenes
  • Ariel Rubin
  • Associated Postmasters Generals
  • Cheryl Huber
  • Dyan McClimon-Miller
  • Lorna Bauer
  • Mimi Gellman
  • Richard Sawdon-Smith
  • Teri Donovan

Curator: Olga Korper | Coordinator: Dimitri Paptheodorou 

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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