Realities of Vision | Yvonne Meissner & Marina Hancek

September 3 – 14, 2003

The final product of an exciting adventure, in textured wax with templates, and mixed media low relief works.

Yvonne Meissner describes her work as “a process of discovery in terms of my search. That’s where the adrenalin rush comes in.” She works in mixed media on canvas and wood.

Yvonne is particularly interested in the tactile qualities resulting from painting, gouging and sanding surfaces. This process results in low relief work, and reveals multiple layers of paint and surfaces.

Marina Hanacek has again summoned her contemporary creativity and merged it with age-old materials to produce a new body of work that is deeply satisfying. This time out, Marina’s subject matter is the icons of consumerism immersed in unctuous fields of tone and shape. Logos appear on old templates, once the mainstay tool of mass production of manually engraved commercial sinage.

Alone, these metal bits and pieces are plain and drained of any meaning by overuse. However, whether buried in or supported by rich regions of textured wax and oil paint these harsh little images are tamed and conquered by nature

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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