Poetic Compositions | Sohelia K Esfahani

June 9- 20, 2004 

Sohelia K Esfahani uses Persian calligraphy as an abstract and literary language through which she can identify with her Iranian culture, as well as draw upon her western art training. She is interested in alchemy as a metaphor for spiritual transformation. The concepts of alchemy, spirituality and transformation, are manifest through the meaning of the verses of the mystical poem by the Persian poet Rumi

In “Poetic Compositions” , my interest in the concepts of transformation, spirituality, and alchemy manifest through compositions consisting of the verses of the mystical poem by Persian poet, Rumi. The poem explores the realm of alchemy and strives to convey spiritual transformation of humankind facilitated by the ultimate alchemist, God.

Sohelia K Esfahani

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