Pilgrim | Silvana Waniuk

Artist present on Sunday, May 1st: 2 – 5 pm

Pilgrim is about a life’s journey in search for meaning, growth, change and transcendence. The paintings in this show represent some of the milestones on this journey. The source of inspiration is the inner life. Each painting embodies a tentative answer to a particular question.   

In its preliminary stage, an answer emerges as a thumbnail drawing that will act as a blueprint for the entire work. The subsequent painting process is meditative, lengthy and un-predictable, progressing in a succession of variations. The end, always surprising, is a miraculous sum total of the entire journey.

Artist Bio:

Born in Germany and raised in Israel, Silvana Waniuk spent her formative years in a village by the Mediterranean. From an early age, Silvana showed a strong leaning toward music and art. She went to study music education and would later make a living as a classical guitarist. After joining the spiritual association of Subud in 1970, her involvement with art intensified. Silvana immigrated to Canada in 1977 where circumstances demanded a change of focus from music and painting to weaving. She returned to painting in 1986 and has been working and exhibiting steadily ever since.

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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