The Paper Napkin Show 

July 19 – 30 2006 

The Paper Napkin Show was based on the exchange of creative ideas. 

The requirements for the show were to submit an idea and name on the back of a white 9” x 9” paper napkin. The entry fee was $5.00 per napkin, with a maximum of 5 napkins per entrant. The entrant could supply their own napkin, or pick up a free official entry napkin at the gallery. The ideas written on the napkins were not restrictive to text. 

Have you ever had a really creative idea but for whatever reason couldn’t turn it into reality?  

In honour of the humble paper napkin, on which it is said, many great ideas have been penned, Propeller’s “The Paper Napkin Show” is your chance to at least share your creative idea with the world.   

Your idea doesn’t have to be humanly, economically or even physically possible – it just has to be creative, and it can be in any field of creative endeavour:  visual art, performing art, cinema, writing, architecture, industrial design, interior design and so forth. You can use drawings and text, or just text – but we ask that you make the text legible and under 30 words. Your idea should be laid out on a white paper napkin (any size).   Your name should appear somewhere on the napkin. 

The selection committee reviewed all submissions.   Four prizes were awarded in each of the following categories: the craziest idea, the funniest idea, and the overall most original idea, and a people’s choice award. 

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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