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March 27 – April 14
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 6, 2 – 4 pm

Outside/IN is an exhibition that explores two contrasting worlds. The first consists of the private, urban interior spaces that are filled with intimate objects of our daily lives. The second is the remote, outside world – distant and vast. 

It was the architecture of the Propeller Gallery that influenced the structure of this exhibition.  When walking into the gallery we see an “exterior wall” that defines the entire gallery’s perimeter. Within this large space is an “interior wall” – smaller, truncated dividing the gallery in half.  So this led me to think: “exterior versus interior” or the outside world – seemingly endless – and our inside world where we curate and display chosen objects.

All of this artwork began with sketches that remained prominent throughout my painting process. They are used as a framework for images that stress the interplay of lines and coloured shapes – hovering between recognizable objects and abstract compositions.

And so this exhibition is made up of two distinct series: a ribbon of landscape encircling us on the exterior walls and small, still life paintings displayed on the interior walls – Outside/IN. 

Snaigé Sileika is a painter living and working in Toronto. She began her art career as a printmaker studying at the University of Toronto and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Upon her return to Toronto, she became involved with the community of printmakers at Open Studio.

Then in 2004 came a full shift to acrylic painting. She has had solo exhibitions in Toronto, Paris and Vilnius, Lithuania. Her work is in the art collections of the City of Toronto, TMU (formerly Ryerson University), the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, the Lithuanian National Museum of Art and numerous corporate collections.

catalogue 2022 
($40 available at gallery).
Compiled by Regina Urbonienė
Designer Rūta Mozūraitė
SNAIGĖ ŠILEIKA Wayside catalogue 2022 ($40 available in gallery).
Edited by Regina Urbonienė. Designer Rūta Mozūraitė

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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