One Hundred and One People | Meri Collier

 November 16 – 27 2005

Exploring, experimenting and drawing become the focus of Meri Collier’s work, which consisted of 101 small intimate figure drawings.  Each drawing had its own identity, reflecting the artist’s intuitive response to the specific contexts of the situation  ( ie. model, time of day, mood…)  The aesthetic of the drawings vary in line pressure, media and use of colour, interpretation, control of marks, and simplicity and complexity of the work. 

When Meri Collier decided to investigate her painting process further, she turned to drawing. Over the years, what she thought was a detour became her main focus. The drawings, using a loose, non-academic approach, evolve as the artist works. They
are a spontaneous reaction to each individual model and situation. Colour and shading are used in an almost abstract manner, allowing the figure to play with shape and design rather than light and shadow. Figures often stand alone, inviting the viewer to visualize a setting or prop; others are placed in loosely drawn environments. A dressmaker’s “Judy” frequently appears as a
companion to the model. Additional figures appear in some drawings. Often they are artists who have unknowingly become models themselves while creating their own work. 101 drawings is a generous exhibition of work. Each piece is unique and stands on its own.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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