Old Growth: Resurrection, Regeneration, Intervention

A Nipissing Region/GTA Exchange Project in collaboration with the International Broken Forests Group

Exhibition: August 3 to 21, 2022

Presentations & Performance: Monday, August 15, 7 to 10 pm
featuring a performance by Neryth Yamile Manrique (Colombia) & Cecilia Stelini (Brazil)  
& Conversations and presentations by the Broken Forests Group & Old Growth exhibiting artists

Old Growth Resurrection, Regeneration, Intervention Exhibition:

From August 3 – 21, 2022, the Old Growth Resurrection, Regeneration, Intervention exhibition will be held at Propeller Art Gallery. It focuses on reconnecting artists and arts audiences to Old Growth trees and their habitats across the province. 

The Gallery component of the project includes the presentation of 39 artists, working in many different mediums, who have created new artworks that resurrect our personal connections to wild forests, regenerate interest in the well-being of the forests, honour the people who have devoted their lives to saving these old trees and intervene or record interventions that focus public attention upon issues of concern to environmentalists. The exhibition includes both Invited artists from the Broken Forests Group and artists chosen from an Open Call for Submissions to the project. 

Presentations & Performance: Monday, August 15th, 7 – 10 pm

At the Broken Forests event on Monday, August 15th Neryth Yamile Manrique from Colombia and Cecilia Stelini from Brazil will make a performance act entitled “Union”. The artists, using threads of colour red and burgundy, will unite the members of the Broken Forests Group. This symbolic act will represent gathering, togetherness and relation to continue on the journey. 

The project is designed to impact our forests and relatively unknown wilderness areas by focusing public attention on their present states, especially the Old Growth forests that are under threat from various human forces/activities. The hope is that this art project can direct our gaze upon forests in 2022 and encourage dialogues and actions around increasing biodiversity in these wild areas, protecting remaining stands of old growth, and retaining our spiritual connections to these special places and beings.

Dermot Wilson and Cesar Forero

Exhibiting Artists:

Alexander Boudreault, Michael Brown, Nancy R. Chalut, Michael Cywink, Liz Rae Dalton, Susan Farquhar, Linda Fitz & Steve Paul Simms, Peter Friedrichsen, Sharron Corrigan Forrest, Gerry Gooderham, Arlington Hoffman, Lee Horner, Domenica Howley, Valentina Hutcheon, Alexandra Iorgu, Lisa Johnson, Clement Kent & Leena Raudvee, Sophia Kim, Robin Kingsburgh, Karen Klee-Atlin, Adam Kolodziej, Michelle Letarte, Liz Menard, Jurgen Mohr, Lisa Murzin, Leah Oates, Frances Patella, Atia Pokorny, Dominique Prévost, Clare Ross, Susan Ruptash, Silvija Saplys, Tracy Thomson, Mateus Stelini, Pearl Van Geest, Nadine Wyczolkowski, and Noriko Yamamoto.

NRCC sponsored event in High Park:

Old Growth Resurrection/Broken Forests High Park event is a site-specific group exhibition organized by the Nipissing Regional Curatorial Collective (NRCC). Taking place in High Park, Toronto till September 15, 2022. The installations build awareness around Old Growth and create networks between artists, environmentalists, and arts audiences in the Toronto area.

These installations include new ephemeral and environmental works by: Ernest Daetwyler, Don Chretien, Quan Steele, Joey Bruni, the O’Honey Collective (Leslie Putnam and David Bobier), the TH&B Collective (Tor Lukasik-Foss, Ivan Juracik, David Hind and Simon Frank), Ann Marie Hadcock, Norma Vieira (Campinas, Brazil installation artist) and the Raven Grove Collective (Michael Bohonis).

‘Union’ Performance (4:17 min) by Neryth Yamile Manrique and Cecilia Stelini
ENDANGERED BOREAL video (30: 55 min.) produced by Ontario artists for Art and the Environment Tour, August 22. 

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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