Occam’s Razor: Art, Science & Aesthetics

April 2 – 20, 2014

Art is the elimination of the unnecessary. – Pablo Picasso

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  – Albert Einstein

These entwined ideas – which underlie Occam’s Razor – form a thread that links the realms of science and art. Scientists rely on Occam’s Razor, which holds that simpler explanations, all things being equal, are better than more complex ones, to refine their theories and experiments.

With reference to Occam’s Razor, the interdisciplinary discourse presented by Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts and the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre in this exhibition, seeks to narrow the cultural divide between Art and Science.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Sylvia Adamcik,
  • Rahni Allan,
  • Cecilia Basic,
  • Kelley Bell,
  • Karina Bergmans,
  • Penny Leong Browne,
  • Julia Buntaine,
  • Linda Chen,
  • Morgan Chivers,
  • Nicole Clouston,
  • Stephen Crosby,
  • Kevin Dejewski,
  • Andrew Drown,
  • Gina Duque,
  • Jayanne English,
  • Willy LeMaitre,
  • Andrew Godsalve,
  • David Griffin,
  • Leeann Janissen,
  • Gillian King,
  • Julia Krolik,
  • Ania Machudera,
  • Harry Mackay,
  • Jason McKay,
  • Zsuzsa Monostory,
  • Laurel Rath,
  • Amy Rae,
  • Chelsea Greenwell,
  • Paul Roorda,
  • Perin Ruttonsha,
  • Vjosana Shkurti,
  • Morgan Skinner,
  • Tosca Teran,
  • Diane Tucker,
  • Elaine Whittaker,
  • Ron Wild,
  • Ross Winter

Occam’s Razor curators:

  • Kathe Merilovich, Artist, Initiator of Occam’s Razor Project
  • Ana Klasnja, M.A., Idea Gallery, Ontario Science Centre, Invited Curator
  • Robin Kingsburgh, B.Sc., Ph.D., Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences/ School of Interdisciplinary 
  • Studies, OCAD University and Division of Natural Science, York University
  • Stephen Morris, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Department of Physics, University of Toronto
  • Michelle Letarte, Ph.D., Department of Immunology, University of Toronto, and Senior Scientist, Hospital for Sick Children

Exhibition support: Katie Micak (PCVA Gallery Director), Laura Dobson, Cate Hopkins

Special thanks to the Ontario Science Centre.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors. 

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