Northern Tendencies: Juried Group Exhibition

December 12 – 22, 2018

Canada is a northern nation and as such we share the cold climates of similar geographical territories and distinguish ourselves from the southern and equatorial counterparts. We are a people who have adapted and are still adapting to frigid temperatures and that too is changing with our traumatized environment. From Indigenous peoples to all the other settlers that followed and continue to follow, we are a people who have by and large come to terms with and embraced the bitter cold and often bleak winter atmosphere and learned to fashion our lives, our habitats and our entertainment from the long hibernal ravages. In the end, with a planet that is heating up at an alarmingly accelerated pace, are we going to be the luckier ones as time goes by? 

Northern Tendencies is a juried group exhibition that asks artists to consider what does the north mean? How has the north fashioned their character, tastes and predilections? What has the north inspired in them artistically? Northern Tendencies answers these questions using art as the vehicle. 

This exhibition was juried by Lisa Johnson, Joseph Muscat, Frances Patella and Gwen Tooth. 


Andres Vosu | Aryan Ghaemmaghami | Ava Roth | C.A. Way | Carole Milon | Chris Domanski | Cortney Stephenson | Curtis Doherty | David Cumming | Dawna Teahen | Dominique Prevost | ECHO Eunah Cho | Elena Dinissuk | Ella Morton | Franca Montalbetti | Giuseppe Morano | HyunRyoung Kim | Ian Mackenzie | Jack Wayne | Jacques Descoteaux | Jasmine Hum | Julie Himel | Kamil Swiatek | Karin McLean | Kurt Rostek | Lauri Maitland | Laurie Benson | Lawrence Glazer | Leone McComas | Linda Ruscio | Lucy Erskine | Maggie Doswell | Marisa Swangha | Mark Krawczynski | Matthew M. Garby | Michael Black | Michelle Letarte | Nancy J Newton | Natalia Tcherniak | Pamela Nelson | Pat Dumas-Hudecki | Peter Friedrichsen | Robin Kingsburgh | Roswita Busskamp | Ruth Maude | Sandra Di Leo | Sharon Dembo | Sharron Corrigan Forrest | Silvija Saplys | Stacey Kinder | Vanessa Le Page | Wayne Kodje

Special thanks to our community partners, donors, and supporters. 

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